What Does This Mean? Woodcut, Itaglio 12″X20″ 2013 Sheila Pitt, Katey Monaghan

There are two versions of “What Does This Mean?” one is a woodcut and etching (woodcut and printed by Katey Monaghan) and one is a pressure print and etching (pressure print and printed by Amanda Beekhuizen)

The image is from a dream I had, it was so bizarre that I wanted to see what it would look like, not just in my mind but as a hard copy. I use a computer tablet, drawing through Photo Shop. Although I have limited use of my left arm and hand, I keep building up marks with the tablet until I am satisfied with the image. It took several months to draw just the shark and electrical cords. Since the water was inspired by Japanese prints the imagery went quite quickly…the cutting took several months also and Katey is a wonderful woodcut artist, as you can see. We actually had a competition to see who would finish first!! It was a tie…

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