What Does This Mean? Pressure Print and Intaglio 12″X20″ 2013 Sheila Pitt, Amanda Beekhhuizen

There are two versions of “What Does This Mean?” one is a woodcut and etching (woodcut and printed by Katey Monaghan) and one is a pressure print and etching (pressure print and printed by Amanda Beekhuizen)
The image is from a dream I had, it was so bizarre that I wanted to see what it would look like, not just in my mind but as a hard copy. The pressure print is a very detailed and experimental type of print that takes a lot of patience to work with. Luckily, Amanda innocently said “oh my! I would love to do this!” it ended up taking months just to create the plate. Meanwhile Katey was cutting the water like crazy and finished it before Amanda was done at this point I think Amanda was sorry she said yes!! It is a beautiful print and I am personally glad she did it!

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